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Credit after Bankruptcy
Not all creditors react the same way to bankruptcy, but your credit will be hurt. This does not mean that you will not be able to obtain credit. A mortgage professional can advise you on what credit you need to get a mortgage after bankruptcy.

Pay your bills on time and pay down any outstanding debt balances to improve your credit after bankruptcy.

Getting a Mortgage after a bankruptcy is possible if you took the precautionary measures of building your credit during the bankruptcy.
Re-establishing your credit is not too hard to do. Getting a secured credit card from a local credit union can help build your credit history.

It is a good idea to review your credit report after a bankruptcy. Some accounts that were included in your bankruptcy will still show up as active and delinquent which will hinder your scores from improving.

It can be very difficult to repair your credit after filing a BK. It is usually best to have a gameplan on credit repair prior to filing a BK.

When applying for a mortgage with a recent bankruptcy, your post-bankruptcy payment history is closely scrutinized. Lenders want to see that you have developed better spending habits since filing for bankruptcy. If you have numerous late payments since your bankruptcy the lender may deny your loan; if you have a perfect payment history since your bankruptcy the lender will look favorably on this and is more likely to consider your loan for approval.

Some people are able to get a secured credit card after a bankruptcy. This means that the borrower would put up a certain amount of money (usually $250 or so)...and they would have a credit card with a $250 limit secured by this deposit.

It's a great way to get your credit re-established after a bankruptcy.

You can obtain a mortgage 1 day after a bankruptcy, assuming your credit score is where it needs to be.. It is a very good idea to get some small credit cards during your payoff period, even if secured cards to "re-establish" yourself.

Many credit card companies will send you applications after your bankruptcy. They know that most or all of your debt will have been eliminated. They also know you can't declare bankruptcy again for several years. If they do approve you for a card the limit will be low and the rate will be high.


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