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First time home buyer
Many people dream of owning a home but the home loan process can be confusing for many first time home buyers. Mortgage lenders offer first time buyers with many home loan options and assist the buyer in finding the best home loan for them. First time home buyer programs can offer lower interest rates, low down payments, or reduced taxes.

When shopping for your first home, it is extremely beneficial for you to be "pre-approved" for a mortgage. This means that the bank has already reviewed your credit report and income documentation and commits that they will lend you x dollars (based on the house being acceptable collateral). This is like shopping for a home with cash in your pocket! Both sellers and realtors get excited when they have a pre-approved customer. It moves you to the front of the line!

Be sure to get prequalified by your mortgage professional so that you will know how much you can afford to spend on a home. There are many different first home buyer loan programs available. It's important to consider all aspects of the program, not just the amout of the down payment, to ensure that it will be the best one for you both initially and over the next several years.

Some of the programs require you to be a true first time home buyer. This means that you have never had any interest in any real property, ever, compared to some other programs that simply require a three year window with no ownership.

Many lenders and insurance companies offer a First Time Home Buyers Education course that is free. Some first time home owner loan programs require you to take this course. The company that offers the course will often issue a certificate once the course has been completed.

With an abundance of no and low down payment loan programs along with loan programs that allow seller contributions toward closing costs, the climate as never been easier for the first time home buyer.

Many states and local counties offer down payment assistance programs to First Time Home Buyers. To qualify, most such programs require that the FTHB's incomes be within a certain limit. There may also be limits on the property locations and project developments. These programs also have measures in place so assistance recipients cannot profit from selling the homes or refinancing the mortgages to cash in the equities built in the homes within a specified period of time.

If you are a first time home buyer, please speak with a loan officer and your realtor or seller about seller's concessions which may help cover closing costs in a no money down or 100% financing scenario.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both have 100% first time home buyer programs. You may have to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) There are alternatives to paying PMI, ask you mortgage broker for more information.

First time homebuyers, more than anyone, need professional advice to ensure that they receive a mortgage product that is suited toward their particular needs. This will be one of the largest financial transactions of your life, make sure it is done properly and professionally.

If you're a first time home buyer and need help paying closing costs, consider a loan that allows you to roll your closing costs into the loan amount.

103% - allows 3% of the purchase price to be rolled into the loan.
107% - allows 7% of the purchase price to be rolled into the loan.

With the many 100% financing mortgage programs availible today you may not need to use a down payment assistance program if you have fair credit. Ask your mortgage broker the pros and cons of each scenario.

There are many programs for purchasing a new home with no money down. Perfect credit is not required and in most cases closing cost up to 6% of the loan amount can be financed into the loan.

Some of the first time home buyer programs can be used with multiple down payment assistance programs on the local and state level as well.

In 2005 43% of first time home buyers used 100% financing. That's right! No money down! Those buyers only had to pay their closing costs.

Being a first time homebuyer can be a scary yet exciting time for a family. Along with the freedom and pleasure of owning your own home come many responsibilities. You will now have to pay property taxes, homeowners insurance, maintain the upkeep you your lawn, landscaping and exterior of your house, be prepared for inside home maintenance and take care of old worn out appliances in your home. When you furnace goes in the middle of winter there will be no landlord to call to come over immediately and have it fixed or replaced. However the rewards of owning your own home tremendously overshadow these minor responsiblities. Being a homeowner allows you to have the freedom you have always desired to have with YOUR OWN HOME. This home will belong to you and is yours to do with as you please. No more rules from parents or family members, no more landlord restrictions, no more neighbors that live above you and below you as in the apartment you just moved out of and no more having to be quiet as a mouse so that you will not disturb your neighbors through the paper thin walls in your apartment building. You make your own rules now. Being a homeowner gives you tax advantages during income tax time, it provides you with an investment of your money, and it provides you with a place to grow memories for yourself and your family. A good mortgage professional can help you understand what to expect during your first years of homeownership and will walk you through step by step of the mortgage process so that you understand what is going on throughout the processing of your home loan application. Find a mortgage professional that comes highly recommended from a family member or friend, or make sure you find someone you can TRUST when you are looking to buy your first home. This will truly make a big difference.

Using a real estate broker is a very good idea. All the details involved in home buying, particularly the financial ones, can be mind-boggling. A good real estate professional can guide you through the entire process and make the experience much easier. A real estate broker will be well-acquainted with all the important things you'll want to know about a neighborhood you may be considering...the quality of schools, the number of children in the area, the safety of the neighborhood, traffic volume, and more.

Your mortgage broker can recommend a realtor in your area that specifically works with first time buyers. They will be more sensative to 1st time buyers needs as well as their constrants.

Not only can you acquire 100% purchase which entails no down payment money, but a good real estate professional can also get the seller to pay closing cost. Which means no money out of pocket at all.

Find a good loan professional in your area to give you an overview of the process and also get preapproved so that you know what price of home you can purchase.

At First Security Financial Services, Inc., we have a wealth of experience in helping first-time homebuyers find the best loan program for their needs. Call us now at 888-418-4467 to see how we can help you purchase the home of your dreams.

If you have not owned a home in 3 years you are considered a first time homebuyer and can be eligible for first time homebuyer programs.

Ask your mortgage broker about what first time home buyer programs that are available to you. You might even qualify for a down payment assistance program. There are several down payment assistance programs, that may be able to grant you the money for your down payment. The grant must be agreed upon by both the seller and buyer, and must be in the offer to purchase. The grant money does not need to be paid back, and could help you qualify for your first home!

There are some differences in Buyer's Assistance programs though. Some programs will actually put a lien on the property for a certain period of time. As long as you own the home for that time period the lien will be released and won't have to be paid back. You might want to ask about the program if you are looking at this option to determine if it will fit into your needs.

First Time Homebuyer programs offer borrowers financing with no money down, however to get the best rates, making a downpayment can be a sensible option for some.

VA entitlements are an excellent way for certain borrowers to get into their first home with little to no money down, and a great helping hand from the government.

FHA loans are an excellent way for first time buyers to purchase a home. This is because FHA loans do not have a minimum credit score, offer low down payments, and allow for gift funds to be used for the whole transaction.

Many first time home buyers purchase property with no money down.


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