Ways to keep my heating bill down

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Ways to keep my heating bill down
Consider installing high efficiency windows. These can be found for around the same cost as normal windows, and can save hundreds of dollars on your heat bill.

When you reside your home have the builder put insulation under the new siding.

Wear more clothing and set your thermostat a degree or two below your normal level. This will help your furnace and keep it from running all the time which will reduce the amount of energy used.

If new windows aren't an option, consider sealing your windows with a plastic shrinkwrap that can be found at home improvement stores.

Check to see if you can get on a payment plan. This will allow you to make the same payment each month throughout the year.

Keep your furnace tuned up. Make sure that you are changing your air filter in your furnace roughly once per month, depending on housing conditions. Call and have your furnace inspected before the winter season or every other winter to have your furnace inspected so that your furnace is properly maintained and will last its full life.

When you leave for work, or any other extended period of time that you know you will not be in your home, turn down you thermostat. By getting in good habits, of turning the thermostat down on a daily basis you will be able to save money on your heating bill. It is ok to turn it back up to your normal levels, when you return.

Keep your blinds open during the day, to allow sunlight to enter and heat your home. In the cold winter months, every little thing you can do makes a difference.

If your home has an attic, you can add more insulation to it. Extra insulation will prevent the heat from escpaing from your home.

Before the winter months are upon you, you should check your roof. Make sure that the shingles are intact and any flashing around your chimney, skylight, antennas, and vents are sealed.

Another way to keep your heating bill down is to insulate your water heater. A heater jacket can be purchased at any local hardware store. Once the heater is insulated, you can lower the temperature setting to save energy.

Check exterior doorways for drafts and install weather seal tape. Check exterior wall outlets and install insulation plates behind the face plate.

Installing a set-back thermostat that will automatically lower the house temperature during times you are away (or sleeping) and raise them back up when you want them higher is a great way to save up to 10% or more on your heating bill. They're easy to install and available at home centers.


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