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Borrowing online
In today’s internet age it is possible to apply for a mortgage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are advantages and disadvantages to applying online. Some advantages to applying online are convenience; you have the ability to get multiple quotes from the comfort of your home.

The best non-conforming lenders can be found online through your mortgage broker.

When choosing a mortgage professional online, send him or her an email asking a specific question. See how long it takes to get a specific response. Call his or her phone number. See if you reach a live person or how quickly a return call is made.
During this stage mortgage professionals are trying to impress you to win your business. If they are slow returning calls or answering emails now, it will probably not get better later on when you have questions about the progress of your loan.

Once you find a loan consultant you are comfortable with, it will be important to disclose information regarding your income, credit and living status. This will help you mortgage consultant measure which loan product will be suitable for you and your goals.

In today's busy world online applications are the way to go. You can do a mortgage with out leaving your home.

Use caution when applying online! Most states allow you to verify the licensing status of brokers and lenders online. Before providing any personal information review the company privacy policy and make sure the site is secure. Many online mortgage shoppers unknowingly provide their information to companies that resell the information. This often results in a barrage of telephone calls from mortgage companies that buy the leads. Protect your personal information and provide it only to legitimate licensed mortgage companies.

Borrowing online is especially useful for borrowers with "outside of the box" personal financial situations.

A online mortgage loan professional can give you a pretty accurate quote just using your estimated credit strength, income information, and down payment plans.

Online borrowing is a more common and efficient than ever before. You can find a mortgage broker, learn about loan programs and research interest rates. Some mortgage brokers even allow you to complete most of the loan application online.

If you are trying to use the internet to receive mortgage quotes, be sure that you do not give out any personal information (mainly your SSN). In today's world with identity theft, you need to be cautious as to which companies you give your personal info too.

Be leery of interest rates you may see posted online. Many times these rates are very old - even as old as when the site was originally built, and they have never been changed. If you see a rate that is far outside of the current area of rates for the loan you are looking for, be cautious.

When applying online make sure the website is a secure website if you intend on giving personal information such as your social security number, date of birth, investment or income info, etc... It will have a little gold colored padlock at the bottom of your browser if it is. If you are just filling out your name, phone number and some very basic info, the site does not necessarily have to be secure; however, you should research the company a little before divulging any information about yourself.

Always work only with websites owned and operated by a licensed mortgage broker or a direct lender. Avoid websites that claim to have "four or more lenders competing for your business". That is an obvious sign that the website's business model is not to finance home loans, but to sell and re-sell your information to outside mortgage professionals. Home buyers giving out information on these "lead generating" websites often find themselves being bombarded with endless phone calls for months and years to come. Therefore, when applying for mortgage online, apply only from a website where it will be the licensed company that actually work on your loan process.

Borrowing online is convenient for many borrowers. They can research loan programs and interest rates at anytime. Borrowing online is not any different than traditional way in terms of finding a company you can trust. Often borrowers can find better deals than just dealing with their local lenders.


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