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Paying Off Mortgage
Paying off your mortgage usually occurs from either refinancing your home or having someone purchase it. It can also occur if you make timely payments over the course of the loan life and or make additional principle payments.

If you have extra credit debt that you can refinance into your to lower your payments this is a great start to paying off your mortgage. mortgage You can pay your mortgage off faster by applying the money that used to be applied to the credit cards towards the mortgage . Even an extra $200 a month applied to your mortgage can pay it off faster.

IF you are refinancing a negative amortization loan with an adjustable rate, such as a Pay Option ARM, you may owe more than you expected to when it comes time to close the deal. This is because the rate of interest you are being charged may not be apparent to you from month to month, and all deferred interest as well as all interest due until the next payment date will be payable in full upon refinancing (paying off the old mortgage and replacing with a new mortgage).

Paying off a mortgage can also be done by using an open ended loan or a Line of Credit to payoff the mortgage of a closed end loan. This is done through a tailored amortization schedule.

If you are paying off your mortgage by refinancing, make sure you get a satisfaction of mortgage statement for your records.

Deciding whether to pay off a mortgage or to keep a mortgage on your home has been a big debate between many top financial analysts for years. While many financial consultants think it is best to always keep a mortgage on your home, there are just as many financial consultants who may tell you otherwise. It is very important to talk with an accountant about what your options may be and what he/she thinks may be best for your situation. Every family has different circumstances and while paying off your mortgage may be a wise financial decision for some, paying off your mortgage may not be a good decision for others.

If you currently have a FHA mortgage, your mortgage payoff will include interest for all days between the payoff date and the next payment due date.

When paying off your mortgage be sure to review if you have a pre-payment penalty in place. In your loan documents you can see what that penalty will be and what percentage of the loan amount being paid will trigger that penalty.

Before paying off your mortgage, make sure you understand what that will do to your taxes. Be sure to consult with a tax professional or your trusted mortgage professional. You may be better off refinancing or keeping your current mortgage for tax reasons.

When refinancing and paying off your current mortgage loan, remember that your mortgage balance and mortgage payoff are 2 different numbers. Be sure to allow for 30 days interest to be figured into your payoff.

Paying off your mortgage can be a bad idea when there are other better paying investments available. Many people maintain a mortgage and invest in higher yielding areas like stocks or a business.


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