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Super Jumbo Refinance Loan
Super Jumbo Refinance Loan are loans that are typically over $680,000. They are most common but not limited to luxury properties like estates, hi-rise condos, penthouses, condo-tels and beach front properties.

Many super jumbo loan programs offer better terms if you have assets in reserve after closing. Prior to shopping for a super jumbo loan, take an analysis of your investment portfolio.

Super Jumbo Loans is any loan for 1 million or more. Although, they are an increased risk to lenders many of the top mortgage lenders and niche lenders provide them.

Super Jumbo Refinance Loans from traditional lenders and banks, especially Super Jumbo Refinance Loans over 1.25 Million Dollars, generally have maximum cash out limits and low loan to value (LTV) limits as well.

Specialized Super Jumbo Refinance lenders are able to offer multi million dollar "mega jumbo" mortgages with unlimited cash out to significantly higher LTV limits.

A super jumbo loan will usually have a higher rate than a jumbo or conforming loan. As the loan amount increases the risk to the lender is higher and there are less lenders offering the loans.

Once your super jumbo loan amount is reduced to under $417,000 be sure to ask your trusted mortgage adviser about refinancing to a conforming loan. The interest rates for conforming loans are lower than for jumbo or super jumbo loans, so by refinancing you could save thousands in annual interest payments.

Super Jumbo Mortgages quite often, present an increased risk to the lender in direct correlation with the size of the loan, substantially more than conforming mortgages and are therfore priced in relation to that risk.


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