What to look for in a Realtor?

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What to look for in a Realtor?
What kinds of things should I look for when I choose a relator?

A good realtor will understand the loan process and have a reasonable understanding of how mortgages can impact your finances. A good realtor, however, will generally not give you too much mortgage advice but will make sure you are working with a mortgage professional. In some states, a realtor can also provide mortgages. In this case, make sure the realtor/loan officer has enough experience. In most cases, a professional will specialize in either the real estate or in financing.

If your considering to use a REALTOR for selling your home you need to drill down on their marketing expertise. Its important that your Listing agent has the marketing knowledge, tools and capacity to effectively make your home stand apart from the rest of the homes on the market. Not doing your due diligence up front in the interview process can prevent you from selling your property quickly and for top dollar.

An important factor to look for in a realtor is referrals from their past clients. If other people are satisfied with the service then there is a good chance you will be also.

A realtor should ask you lots of quesitons when you meet them for your initial consultation. They should be trying to determine what your wants and needs are for the new house. What area do you want to live in? What type of home are you looking for? Do you have children that will be attending school in the area? How long do you plan to live in the home?

It is a good idea to work with a Realtor that is local to the area you are interested in. A good Realtor should provide you with statistical reports regarding appreciation as well as be able to suggest the best local schools.

Working with a seasoned realtor will aid in your search to sell or purchase a home. A seasoned realtor will have the history of your neighborhood and information about a given area which can help you determine the true value and likelihood of appreciation in a purchase. With a sale of a home, a seasoned realtor will be able to truly assess the value of your home and have a better understanding of how to increase the potential of your home for sale.

Look for a realtor that responds quickly to emails and phone calls. Waiting hours or days for a response can add too much stress to the home buying process.

There are many realtors out there who will bend over backwards to accomodate you and satisfy your needs. If you are for any reason not satisfied with the realtor you've been speaking with, by all means find another. If you have any friends, co-workers or family members who have recently purchased a home, ask them if they can highly recommend the realtor who helped them.

If you get a recommendation of a Realtor from your mortgage professional and you are not happy with that Realtor, by all means let the mortgage professional know. Customer service cannot be made better if people are not aware of a situation.

If you are buying a home you should seek out a realtor with ABR credentials. A realtor that is a ABR (accredited buyers representative) works on the buyers behalf and will ensure the buyer gets the best deal possible.


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